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100% Certified Organic Soil Enhancer/Bio-Stimulant

Game Changing Results.

About us,

iCAN 2 Consulting inc. a company based in the Okanagan Valley of Canada, and has the exclusive distribution rights to this amazing product AloeThrive(TM) for 9 countries. We are a firm dedicated to helping not harming the environment in which we live in and our commitment in creating a quality product, that is 100% certified Organic. We ourselves are still constantly amazed at the testimonials of our end users. The ability to target so many plant issues with one product and increase the yield is constantly shown to us by our clients, real world use. We see this product as a potential game changer, in farming, simply because it does what typically takes 6-8 insecticides, pesticides, and fungicides, all containing toxins, to do a job mediocre at best and without ever increasing yield.

If you see our vision of cleaning up the worlds food supply, in a 100% natural way, with a cost effective organic solution, that allows your soil biome to regenerate, use less water and have significantly greater yields, then join us on this venture! Turn your farm back into the lush clean soil it used to be, and eliminate the use of toxic petroleum chemical products, your customers will thank you and the Earth will thank you.

We guarantee you won’t regret it.

Here are the countries we have distribution rights for. If you wish to enquire about distribution opportunities within any of these countries, please use our secure Contact Form.

Grand Cayman
Turks & Caicos