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100% Certified Organic Soil Enhancer/Bio-Stimulant
Game Changing Results

F.A.B. | Features - Advantages - Benefits

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 * Repels all insects, bats and birds tested Prevents crop damage and loss Greater yields with a non toxic solution
Anti-fungal properties Eliminates powdery mildew, mold and fungus Results in cleaner product & no crop loss
Unlocks fertilizer 25 - 50% LESS CHEMICAL fertilizers Huge savings on fertilizer costs
100% Certified organic No toxic chemicals needed Crops will pass ALL government tests for toxins
* Increases the yield More product created at less cost! 25 - 80% (certified on rice) Return on Investment
* Flushing at crop completion Eliminates all fertilizer build up A clean marketable product that tests as clean as 100% organic
* Increases root microbiome Increases the root-ball by 2 - 3 times normal plant size Bigger roots create better nutrient uptake. Better water retention.
Increased plant health maximizes yield!
* Foliar or root-ball drench Ease of application.
No toxicity or `Hazmat' suits when spraying
Foliar is a fast effective way of application and underside of leaf spray is not required.
With root drench, plant uptakes systematically


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